Ok, I’ve taken down everyone’s details, so postcards will be forthcoming.

In about half an hour I’m going to head to the airport. I arrive in Samoa at 4.30 am on Friday morning. There will apparently be a traditional Samoan greeting. I’m not sure I can handle that after only a few hours sleep.

I’ve just realised that I can’t remember how to spell ludacris the proper way. I am too lazy to look it up in a dictionary. Instead I will quote the following lyrics from “Holidae In” by Chingy, featuring Ludacris. This is how Ludacris’ part starts:

Stop, drop, KABOOM!, baby rub on ya nipples
Some call me Ludacris, some call me Mr. Wiggles

In other news, someone on mentioned that King Kapisi had been seen wearing an Autobots t-shirt, obviously going up against the Deceptikonz. People have been getting a little excited over this and talking about a New Zealand equivalent of the East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry, Biggie vs Tupac style gang slayings. But this is New Zealand. If we’re lucky we’ll get a Blur vs Oasis style rivalry, but will probably end up with a Girls Aloud vs One True Voice rivalry.

Ok, I have to make my suitcase lighter.

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