Boys on films

I like the revisionist history that says that Duran Duran’s songs were actually really meaningful. Like, “Girls On Film” was actually about the exploitation of models. Yes, ok.

Why don’t they just be honest and admit that the songs were just about stuff that sounded cool to sing. Like, what was the union of the snake? Yes.

I got excited when I saw the band on TV arriving at the airport. I’d love to see them and Mr Williams live, but I can’t afford it. Excuse me while I weep.

Oh, I’ve made a blog for NZ Idol! I realised I’m obsessed with it already, so instead of putting all my Idol crap in here, I’ve got a separate place for it. I’ve called it NZ Idle (ha ha!) and have cleverly photoshopped the NZ Idol logo. Hopefully it’ll be a refuge of wit in (what will soon become) a sea of illiterate hysteria.

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