Item: The “Media Dog” cartoon on tonight’s “Eating Media Lunch” was not funny. Many farting noises lead to seeing the dog sitting in front of a radio. Then came the punchline: “I love the smell of talkback in the morning”. Yes, due to lack of funny material Andy, Karl and Anthony had to fall back on the old “I love the smell of…” formula.

Item: I made sushi for the first time ever today. It worked out ok. My only goal (other than it tasting ok) was for it to not fall apart. Magically, it managed to stay together. I shall make it again!

Movie 1: I saw “Mystic River” yesterday. It reminded me a bit of “Gosford Park” in that the murder at the centre of the film and the whodunit element wasn’t as important as the other issues that sprung up around it. It had a solid good-Hollywood-actor cast, and sometimes felt like an attempt at an Oscar nomination by numbers. Clint Eastwood’s direction was good. I like how he lets the story unfold naturally, rather than pushing it along.

Movie 2: Today I saw “Elf”. It was cool in that realistically if a man raised as an elf came to New York city in search of his father, everyone would think he was a retard, which is exactly what happens in the movie. It was funny, and surprisingly had been rated G. Best of all, even though it was about a dad who was too busy at the office to spend time with his son, the film showed that without being sentimental. It was directed by Jon Favreau (he wrote and starred in “Swingers”). I like it when cool directors have kids and make cool kids films (Rodriguez, Linklater).

Item: I think Camilla on C4 just referred to Blondie as “she”. No! Blondie is a band!

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