Things I Have Recently Acquired

The Small Print Zine
At the Small Print zine fair, there was a zine making table for people to create a page or two for a collective zine. Moira collected up all the pages and make them into a zine and posted a copy to me. I contributed two bits. “Miss, please take a letter”, about my close personal relationship with typewriters and “Ahoy”, about how ferries are the mode of public transport least likely to have a zine dedicated to them.

Hardcore blisters. The kind that only soldiers and runway models get. I wore my cool new shoes for the first time. My feet need to harden up.

A Wedding Invitation
A fellow I know is getting married and has been kind enough to send me an invitation. It’s an unconventional set up. Rather than actually being an invitation to the wedding, it’s for a cocktail party the following day. Kind of like a traditional wedding reception, but cooler. This is exciting because it is the first wedding event of a non-relative I’ve been invited to. Actually, counting relatives it’s the second wedding I’ve been invited to. No one gets married anymore.

Bust Magazine
It’s not so much that I bought the magazine, but I noticed something interesting in Magazzino. A few months ago I noticed that Ponsonby Magazzino had put Bust in the gay magazines section. I complained here about how silly this was as Bust is not a gay magazine, and suggested it be filed with other interesting women’s magazines like Jane. Today I noticed that Bust was in the women’s magazines section, right next to Jane. Right on.

A haircut
“You know what I reckon,” my hairdresser probed. “I reckon we should leave some long bits here. Let it go a bit mad.” “Oh yes,” I ejaculated. “Give me mad hair!” She ended up straightening it with the irons, so it didn’t look at all that mad when I got home, but then I washed it and it’s gone deliciously mad. I took a photo to capture my straight, blonder, non-bad hair.


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