Lately whenever I go to Ponsonby (which isn’t all that often) I seem to come across thirty-something parents with small daughters called Ruby or Lily. What’s it going to be like at Ponsonby Primary School in a couple of years time? “Ruby T, stop hitting Lily B! No, the other Ruby T.”

I know names like that were popular baby names about a hundred years ago, so I’m sure these people are naming their kids after their grandmothers. I wish someone would have the guts to come out and name their baby Gran.

For about the last year I’ve been having major angst with the DVD player on my iBook. It lets me change the zone five times, then on the fifth time it locks. Ok, cool. But when I got up to the fifth change it kept giving me this weird error message. The Apple website was not helpful. Other websites were not helpful. Then last night I did another search and found the answer. To change the zone for the final time requires a DVD that has only one zone on it. The ones I’d been trying with were zones 2 and 4. So today I went to Video Ezy in Ponsonby (where Ruby was picking a DVD), got a DVD only for zone 4 and have changed my DVD player zone to zone 4 so now I can rent all the DVDs I like and never have to leave the house much this summer. Hooray!

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