When I drove to the gym today there was a red Ferrari parked in the space next to where I normally park. I excitedly parked right next to it. It made my tiny Daihatsu Charade look like a behemoth SUV in comparison. I also noticed that the gear stick of the Ferrari was tiny. I’m not sure if it’s possible to feel very manly when you’re playing with a little cocktail swizzle stick to change gears.

Speaking of cars, the very cool BBC series “Top Gear” is being shown on Prime at 7.30 on Sundays. Hooray! I’m not sure I’m even into cars – or at least not in the way that involves buying magazines with “auto” or “motor” in their titles, and certainly not in a way that involves buying and wearing items of clothing with automobile logos on them, but I like Top Gear. It makes obsessing over cars interesting and fun. As well as taking cool cars for test drives, they also do bloody stupid stuff, like seeing if it’s possible to outrun a speed camera in a really fast car. Next week they promise to show grans doing wheelies.

My brother was in town so I dragged him along to see “Freaky Friday”. I hadn’t noticed it the first time, but there was a brief scene where a guy delivers a package to daughter-as-mother at her office. The delivery guy’s name is Boris, and he’s played by the same actor who played Boris Harris in the original “Freaky Friday”. I think it was a nice touch.

We had dinner at Tanuki’s Cave. Whenever I go there, there always seem to be couples hidden away in dark corners, guys impressing their dates with uncommon, but not scary food, Japanese beer and sake, and the ’70s soul soundtrack. When the waitress brought us our desserts, she said, “Here comes the apple, and now here comes the banana.” People who learn English as a second language do the coolest things with it.

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