Ho ho ho

Last night, while hangin’ with my homies in my favourite IRC channel, I commented:

I’m waiting for the news item reporting a local low-income family who has their house broken into (under mysterious circumstances) and has all their Christmas presents stolen, then a variety store chain gives them hundreds of dollars worth of cheap shit presents.

Well, it happened, but with a slightly different reaction.

The mother seems almost embarrassed at the swag that’s come her way from seasonally generous retailers. The article notes that she’d saved up all year long for the presents and food, but she says she plans on giving away much of the stuff to people less off than her. Now that’s the Christmas spirit!

My dad got a gift hamper from one of his work associates. There was a bunch of food packed in a wooden box filled with wood shavings. One of my parents’ cats likes sitting in boxes, so after the food had been taken out, my brother put the box on a chair and showed it to her. She got in it, but instead of hanging out in it, she scratched at the wood shavings, then sat down and went wees.

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