A bit… metro’

I got two (2) Christmas presents, and they were both things I wanted.

– A 10 gig iPod.
– A George Foreman grill.

I’m very excited about getting the George Foreman grill (or the “Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine”). I’ve heard they’re very versatile, and will surely do a better job than my difficult gas powered oven grill.

My iPod rules. I have it filled up with all my mp3s, and I’ve acquired a whole lot of new ones from my brother. It’s brilliant.

Oh, speaking of brilliance, I noticed that the Queen used “brilliant” in her Christmas message. That’s not as in “extremely intelligent” or “incredibly bright and shiny”, but is the slangy brilliant, as in “quite good, really.” See, her majesty is down with the common people.

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