Bored of the rings

So while the boys were engaged in a gay jelly wrestling match/furious debate over diamonds, diamond rings, starving millions and why it is technically impossible to win a debate against Thomas, I was out facing the weather.

It was hot and it was rainy. In weather like this my hair frizzes up. If I was auditioning for NZ Idol on a day like this, people would be saying “GO TEH FRO!!!!” where ever I went. I envy bald people on days like this.

I saw two LJers today, gfsoul, who I initially did not recognise because his head was not rotating and starlajo, who was in a mighty Starmart.

I went to Real Groovy and used my birthday music vouchers on two CDs, Iggy Pop’s “Skull Ring” and Peaches “Fatherfucker”. It was a slightly nerdy purchase because each artist does a guest appearance on the other’s album. I kept the theme running by also picking up a ticket to Peaches’ pre-Big Day Out show at the King’s Arse next week.

Real Groovy has a bargain basement now. It’s where all their crap goes. Bins and bins and bins of all the shit CDs that people trade in but no one wants to buy. Except you know that in the midst of all the crap there will actually be some really good CDs. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Finally, last night Draizuh was doing lots of those LJ surveys, you know, the ones where you get a bunch of questions that you have to answer that somehow reveal bits of your inner soul. He’d run out, so I suggested he make up one himself. But he said, “Its more something youd do than me. Your creative and im just some guy ;_;” So for poor little helipad-dwelling chef II the stars DRZA, and any other interested survery-taking parties, I have come up with…

21 Questions

  1. Oi! Where’s my $50?!
  2. Baby, does my gigantic bulbous arse look big in this?
  3. When a boy puts his, um, thing in you, what does that feel like?
  4. Who loves who the most?
  5. At the Jazz in the Park concert. Me: Wearing a ripped and faded Soundgarden t-shirt. You: Wearing a pink t-shirt with “Blow Job” in red glitter paint. You asked me where the portaloos were. I showed you. I felt a connection and I hope you felt it too. Do you wanna meet up for coffee?
  6. Where’s my other shoe?
  7. What extras come with the super-deluxe model?
  8. Was I your first?
  9. If I got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century, could I count on you to be there to support me mentally?
  10. Dude, how much do you bench?
  11. Excuse me, would you please pass me one of those refreshing moist towelettes
  12. Ah, my old friend! Come, sit down. Let me pour you a drink. Tell me, how long has it been?
  13. What is up?
  14. You can tell me. I won’t tell a soul: what happened in Colombia?
  15. Do you take this person to be your unlawfully wedded, yet beautiful, sensuous and elegant spouse?
  16. Where is the love?
  17. It’s been a month already. When are you going to come and pick up your stuff?
  18. Hi, I was just wondering if you taped last night’s episode. If so, can I borrow it off you, please?
  19. Beef or chicken?
  20. Which notorious blonde party girl was recently seen sneaking out of the service entrance of the hotel where the premiere was held, followed minutes later by the “happily” married leading man?
  21. Which one of you bytchyz is my mutha?

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