Ex-Shortland Street star in Britney video shocker

I was hooning around on CNN.com and came across an article about the new Britney Spears video. It’s purported to be a bit of revenge on Justin, with Britney playing a femme fatale (or as close to that as Britney can manage), who is trying to poison her ex-boyfriend. She’s trying to poison him because the song is called “Toxic”. Geddit?

But here’s the exciting part. The boyfriend is Stuart Neilson. Yes, the floppy fringed son of Marge from “Shortland Street” has done good and become a video boy.

Stuart Neilson or “Martin Henderson” as he seems to prefer being called these days, was the love interest in the American remake of “The Ring”. Also, about ten years ago, back when he was on “Shortland Street” he was at this party full of East Auckland hipsters including my cousin. She told me that no one there liked Master Neilson or would talk to him and he ended up spending most of the evening on his own.

But surely his new role in the Britney video proves that he has made it as a big shot Hollywood actor and will be the next Russell Crowe.

Ja Rule is said to be worried about this threat to his position as the king of video actoring.

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