Kick it

I just got back from the Peaches show at the King’s Arse. Wicked.

1. I missed the Coolies, but I might be able to catch them at the Big Day Out. The Cortinas were the other support group and I arrived about halfway through their set. They were cool. I think I’m only mentioning this out of some sort of feeling of obligation to mention the support acts. But they weren’t why I was there. I was there for Peaches.

2. Peaches rocked. She rocked so hard that the random guy standing behind me gave me a shoulder massage halfway through. She had a really simple set-up. She sang along to the backing track and was sometimes joined by two dancing girls. She performed most of the cool songs from “The teaches of Peaches” and “Fatherfucker”. For “Kick it,” the duet with Iggy Pop, a giant screen was brought out and a film of Iggy singing the song was played so that Peaches could sing along with him. She’s got fuzzy thotch, y’know.

The show was very joyful and celebratory. There were a few dudes in the audience who’d just showed up to see some sexy laydeez, and a few bFM hipster types, but most people were just there to have a really good time. My absolute favourite song of the night was the karaoke version of “Fuck the pain away”. Fangirls were picked out of the audience to sing along with it and they all knew the words and they all performed it really well.

Seeing Peaches makes me want to move to Berlin and become a performance artist.

If the Boiler Room isn’t living up to its name too much tomorrow, I think I’ll see Peaches again.

3. So, I arrived at the King’s Arse and stood around at the front for a bit then decided to go up the back where it was less crowded and hopefully a bit cooler. I was working my way through the crowd when I came up to two fellows. I was having trouble finding somewhere to put my feet and stepped on the foot of the guy on the right, and ended up having to kind of touch my hand on the other guy’s arm to get through. I looked up to be polite and give a friendly excuse me and realised who I was walking between: Julian and Nikolai from the Strokes.


When I finally got closer to the back of the bar I saw Nick from the Strokes standing a little bit in front of me. Later I was out in the garden bar and by then the whole band was out there, hanging out. Julian, who is beautiful, was looking at the rain drops falling down, lit by the outdoor lighting. He’s very tall and skinny. So is Nick. Fabrizio is really hot, but everyone knows that. Albert looks cooler in person, and Nikolai still has girly hair. They were all excellently dressed.

Most people around were pretending not to notice them, but was also sneaking glances in their direction. A few people had photos taken while others were just happy to be in the same area code.

4. All the street parking was taken, so I thought I might have to park blocks away and walk to the King’s Arse in the rain. Then as I circled back, a van was leaving a space right across from the King’s Arse. Perfect.

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