Big Day Out Observations

At the Big Day Out I was sitting up in the stands being disappointed by some band. So instead of trying to enjoy their mediocre set, I looked around at all the people and noticed what was going on.

Among the items of Metallica merchandise was a bandanna. Various bogan guys could be seen around the stadium with the bandannas tied around their heads. However, it was a more difficult look to pull of for girls. I saw one petite girl walking along with her boyfriend. He had the bandanna around his head, and it looked ok on him. She had also tied hers around her head and it looked terrible. Her small head meant that the bandanna was all out of proportion, and coupled with her hair sticking out the top of it, it looked more like a head bandage than a cool bandanna. Shortly after another chick walked past me. She had the bandanna tied around her hips, and it looked so cool that I heard some guys behind me commenting on its hotness.

Dehydration is a legitimate concern, but compulsive sucking of a bottle of water is freaky. There’s the baby bottle aspect of it, the gross sucking noise it makes, and the undeniable fact that seeing someone sucking on a water bottle just isn’t attractive. To use the sipper-top requires screwing your mouth into a nasty sneering position. But people have started to pick up on this and I noticed more than a few people unscrewing the sipper-top and drinking out of the bottle. It’s, like, the cool thing for 2004.

In the Black Eyed Peas “Shut Up” video, Fergie wears an boobtube with a bra underneath. This look was all over the Big Day Out. It’s cool because it means that girls who need the support of a bra can now wear a boobtube, and girls with a small bosom can wear a boobtube without it looking like they’re wearing a support bandage. But there’s one sort of girl who shouldn’t do this look: the extremely obese girl. There’s a difference between celebrating your body, not hating your wobbly bits and putting on a freak show. Boobtubes do not normally come in size 20 so the few girls like this I saw had squeezed themselves into probably a size 16. People looked, but it wasn’t a “wow, there’s someone who isn’t afraid to dress how she pleases”, but more like “Oh my God… look at that!”.

Thanks to mentions over the last year on “Space” and C4, jester hats have now moved into the category of fashionably uncool. Normally there’s a stall selling them, but I didn’t see one this year. I did actually see two jester hats, but one had beer logos on it (which probably makes it worse). Quietly on the way out is dyed hair. Back in ’94 at the first Auckland Big Day Out I remember all these incredibly cool guys who’d dyed their hair blue or green especially for the occasion (and had the stained hands to prove it). This year I didn’t see anyone who had done BDO dye job. There was a stall run by some hairdressers who were doing spray-in colours, but hardly anyone seemed to have gone there. The few people I did see with the spray-in colours looked like they were living in the past.

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