T-i-r-e-d spells it

My body is tired. I really like going to the gym and doing running on the treadmill. On running days I wake up really looking forward to it. It’s so good getting on the treadmill, sticking my iPod on random and running. Today I did 25 minutes on level 6. I noticed the guy next to me was walking on level 6, but I’m a beginner, so that’s ok. By the time I got off I was dripping sweat, but felt really good. But now, as what seems to happen at the end of every day I run, I’m feeling really tired.

My brain is tired. I watched NZ Idol, and it was really cool. Then after watching a bit of “Bend it like Beckham,” I started to write a recap. It took me about 90 minutes to do the first half hour of the show. In the end I had to stop because my brain was hurting. Recapping is surprisingly hard work.

It feels like I have a job, but without the burden of wages.

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