Paying with sweat

Back in August last year I had a fitness assessment done at my gym. I learned that my body fat, biceps strength, back flexibility, and aerobic fitness were all “poor”. My blood pressure was low (not bad-low, just lower than average, which is better than higher than average), and my resting heart rate was “fair”.

I decided that it was time to have a follow-up test done, and had that today.

Despite doing weights thrice weekly, and having visibly gained muscled mass, my biceps strength is still that same as it was five months ago. My back flexibility has slightly increased, as has my aerobic fitness, yet I’m still not very flexible or fit. Dammit.

However, my resting heart rate has gone down a bit, and my blood pressure is still lowish. But the best result was the fat percentage. In the last five months my body fat has gone down from 37% to 27% (18% is typical for a serious athlete), so I’m rather pleased with that result.

All that hard work does eventually pay off.

Also, thanks to the secret special anonymous benefactor who donated 2 months of paid LJ time. Thank you, that is much appreciated.

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