Dark and stormy

It was a dark and stormy night. I braved the gusty winds and pelting rain and drove to the King’s Arse to see Trucker play.

Trucker hadn’t really played together since their bass player’s other band got really successful (See this for a bit of back story) But a few years ago they had recorded some stuff, so their bass player decided to use his new found international rock clout and release an EP with some of their new songs on it.

I’d always thought that Trucker were destined for greatness, but they didn’t quite make it. I was talking about that tonight with Petra, and she mentioned that someone said that Trucker were about five years ahead of their time. Poppy, but with a real raaaar guitar sound. Five years ago everyone was still loving techno, now garage rock is big, the Datsuns are kicking international arse.

Doing what MSU had done at their 10th anniversary extravaganza, Trucker also assembled all previous line-ups and played a selection of their songs since 1996 with Jamie, Stan, Paul O, Paul T, Dolf, Terry and Julian all rocking out.

It was brilliant. The old songs were cool, the new songs were electrifying. They did a kick-arse version of “Vatican,” which has always been my favourite song. I bought the EP, “Wasted In Heaven” and got all seven Truckers to sign it. Dolf mentioned that about only 50 copies are being sold in New Zealand – the rest are going to England and Europe.

I don’t know if Trucker will ever get the recognition they deserve, but I’m happy having their new EP and having seen them play a really good show.

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