DRZA was in town to see A Perfect Circle. He sent Teh Matt a txt about buying booze, so Matt and I decided to do a United Nations mission to help the poor, under privileged, under aged children of the T.P.O. massive to get booze. But it turned out that said children were busy being entertained (or whatever it is that Maynard does), so Matt and I sat around and talked about being old, and how the youth of today write incomprehensible text messages and that we never did bloody stupid stuff like that when we were teenz. Then we listened to Suicidal Tendencies.

Matt leant me his Mac OS X install disks (the lucky bastard has a Powerbook G4), so I’ve just spent the last two to three hours (I seriously don’t know how long it took. I totally lost track of time) upgrading to the cool new operating system version they called Panther.

It’s nice, it’s faster and slicker and choicer and this entry is really just checking out how things work in it.

In other news, I am delighted to have acquired a selection of Polish communist-era currency. My favourite is the 100 zlotych note, because on the back there’s a bit of communist propaganda. A series of red flags form the background, while “PROLETARYAT” is printer over the top. Amongst the other writing is “Swobody! Fabryk! i Ziemi!” which I think means “Liberty! Factories! Land!”, but I will have to check that out with Comrade Jakub.

Nothing much exciting happens with New Zealand money. There are no regimes overthrown, massive cases of forgery, drug money or any of those other situations that require currency redesigns in other countries. How many times has the pound sterling been changed? All New Zealand got was the new plastic money with more vivid colours. Right, they can decorate Britomart with those and carry on the gay disco theme.

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