Five things I like at the moment

1. Having written the first draft of both the Sunday and Monday NZ Idol episode recaps already. It’s so much easier than doing the audition shows because there are longer sections, not lots of little bits crammed in. Tomorrow, all over New Zealand, the water-cooler chat topic will be “Filipo in the Top 10: Injustice or Delusion”

2. Camho Manhos. A good friend of mine got a webcam for his birthday. Within a few hours he had exposed himself and done something that he described as, “look, I’m being gay with myself”. Teenage girls flashing their boobs are so ’90s.

3. That friend of Ryan in Christchurch who is stalking me. That’s good stalking, not bad, standing outside in the rain screaming out bad poetry, stalking.

4. Orkut. Totally redefining “friend” as “this guy I used to work with” or “this chick I saw at a party once six years ago” and my personal favourite, “some dude in America I’ve never communicated with in any way, ever before.” Of course, that adds to the fun of the Orkut experience and makes me feel far more social than I suspect I really am.

5. Having earned enough Fly Buys points to get a frying pan. It’s taken me about three years, but finally I had accumulated enough points to be able to pick something semi-decent. I was tempted by the ceramic hair straighteners, but I really do need a new frying pan, so I went with the practical over the pretty.

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