When people find out that I go to the gym, one thing they often request is muscles.jpg. I don’t really have much to show, but today I was mucking around with my camera and managed to capture some biceps action:


Yeah, I’ll smash u.

Things to note:

  • Over my left shoulder is El Diablo. Yes, very symbolic, totally unintentional.
  • Over my right shoulder is Miffy I admire Dick Bruna’s clean, minimalist, Mondrianesque design and Miffy’s ability to be cute without being smily. Acquired at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, one of my favourite places in the world.
  • Under my hand is the poster for “Bullitt”. I’m not a huge fan of the movie, but I really dig Lalo Schifrin’s theme song.
  • Just above Miffy is a photo from the New Orleans Voodoo Museum. I made my parents go there when they were in the neighbourhood.
  • Under my right elbow is Britney. It’s advertising a 2001 issue of TV Hits. I got it from the free postcard rack at the Ikea store in Melbourne. I’m currently celebrating the fifth anniversary of the release of “Baby One More Time” and the subsequent return of good pop.

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