Bitter, moi?

I was having a coffee in a cafe near a Sky TV sales kiosk. The Oscars were being shown on one of the display TVs. Four men’s names were read out as being the winners of the best visual effects Oscar. Then it was mentioned that the film they’d worked on was that “Lord of the Rings” one. A few ladies around me started cheering. Then as the winners made their speeches one of the ladies, shocked at hearing all American accents, said “hmph, I thought they were supposed to be Kiwis.”

I’ve just watched the entire telecast and I feel ill. Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson look like a couple of alternative lifestylers who just wandered in having previous been at a school awards evening. Is it too much of an effort to put on some decent clothes and to do something so that your hair doesn’t look like you haven’t washed it for weeks?

Oh, and that Richard Taylor guy. He should have stayed at home and got some attractive person with out a speech defect to accept the awards on his behalf. I felt physically ill when he thanked his “paaaahtner”. Piss off back to Wellington, dude.

That school girl with the white Australian father didn’t win, and I’m glad. I wanted Diane Keaton to win because she is clearly the superior actress, but I understand Charlize Theron is genuinely good in “Monster”. It’s not just an Oscar to the pretty girl who wears ugly make-up in the film.

I really wanted Sofia Copolla to win the best director Oscar. It was mentioned that she’s the first American woman to be nominated in that category. But given the number of times she was called a “girl”, it seems that Hollywood isn’t quite cool with the idea of a 32 year old woman winning a directing Oscar. I think she still has to prove that she’s not a little girl playing dress-up and pretending to do what daddy does. Which is a shame, because “Lost in translation” is beautiful film and deserved more than the best original screenplay Oscar.

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