Not helping the children

I just endured a truly bullshit sales pitch.

A guy knocked at my door with some sort of fund raising thing for the IHC.

Sales guy: Have you heard of intellectually handicapped children?
Robyn: Yes, I am aware of them.
Sales guy: So you know about what happened in the past. The institutions.
Robyn: Yes.

He went on to explain that the new community-based homes needed funding, and that I could sign up for something that automatically deducted $1.

Ok, that adds up to $365 a year, and that’s a lot of money for me. I told him I’d rather make a one off donation. His response stretched the limits:

Sales guy: “They don’t like that because the amounts vary from year to year so they don’t know how much to budget for.”

I would have happily donated $20 then and there, but I wasn’t going to sign up for $365 a year because the IHC supposedly can’t get their accountants to work out what their projected income is.

He kept pushing for me to sign up, but in the end I told him I wasn’t “comfortable” with that idea (and the whole doorstep bullshit sales pitch, for that matter), so he politely left.

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