When I picked up my freshly laundered clothes from the Chinese laundry, I noticed a basket of someone else’s washing waiting to be picked up. It looked like they’d done a big bathroom and bedroom wash, as there was a neatly folded pile of poly-cotton leopard skin print sheets and tropical island sunset printed towels. I guess their shaggy black bedspread with a wolf howling at the moon is at the dry cleaners.

Round The Bays is on Sunday. I’m getting lazy with running. Either that or I’ve hit a wall with my training. I only seem to be able to go for about 45 minutes on level 7, and I now require gossip magazines as well as my iPod to help pass the time. I haven’t run on hard surfaces yet. But despite all this, I know that when I do Round The Bays I won’t suck as much as the people who have to do it wearing t-shirts with “DAWSONS PANELBEATING 1978 Ltd – We’ll “run” the dents out of your car!”

I like running. I’m going to keep doing it after RTB, just for shorter times.

I’m looking forward to winter. I’m sick of all this cloudy, humid weather. I want some of those cold, crisp winter days. I was going to say “cold, crisp winter mornings,” but that’s pushing it.

Excitement, adventure, anyone?

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