Whatever happened to Jordan?

Highlights from the C4 Top 10 show on The Exponents, with special in-studio guest, Jordan Luck, as host Jaquie Brown attempted to guide his train of thought in the general direction of The Exponents’ music videos.

Jordan: [Appears to be humping Jaquie’s leg]
Jaquie: Jordan!

Jordan: Did you catch that tram?
Jaquie: The tram?
Jordan: The tram to Melbourne!

Jaquie: “Erotic”. “Erotic”.
Jordan: Wollongong!

Jaquie: “Who loves who the most”.
Jordan: Throw me a dolphin!

Jordan Luck exists as a reminder of the excesses of rock ‘n’ roll for the next generation, and why there are some things that 25-year-olds can get away with, but 52-year-olds can’t.

Throw him a dolphin. Please.

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