I feel lost and confused. The Face, my favourite magazine in the whole world, has been put “on hold” by its publisher while its fate is decided. There’ll be one more issue and then… oh no. May is going to be bleak, unless the rumour of a rescue bid lead by Jason “Not Gay” Donovan is true. Lemonaid in reverse, y’all.

Speaking of magazines, make sure you glance at this week’s edition of Woman’s Day (the one with Susan Wood on the cover. (Like that distinguishes it.)), particularly page 31. For there, on the far right hand side of the weekly NZ Idol feature, is a short piece on Idol Blog. I was invited along to the interview and photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and had a really fun time posing in the Japanese gardens out the back of the Waitakere City Council.

I am supremely grateful that the cheesy rockstar pose photos were not used, but concerned that as they exist and may be pulled out in future.

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