Robyn wasn’t here, apparently

I’ve got the skills to pay the bills. That much is sorted.

But what I haven’t got is the necessary references from someone who has previously been my boss for at least six months, in order to fulfil the requirements of a human resources department.

Frustration is applying for a really cool job, being shortlisted, learning that I had sufficiently impressed everyone and so was their top pick for the position, but ultimately missing out because I couldn’t fulfil the aforementioned HR requirements.

It’s been over three and a half years since I last saw my old boss. He was a very cool boss, but after he left the company I didn’t keep in touch with him. Ditto for my previous job.

Now it’s as if my entire work history doesn’t exist simply because I don’t have anyone who can say, “Robyn woz here in ’99”.

But at least it is comforting (just like a mug of hot chocolate) to know that even though I may not have the references, I do indeed have the skills to pay the bills.

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