Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

I don’t have a new cellphone yet, so I missed out on a ticket to see the Friday taping of this Sunday’s NZ Idol show. Dammit.

But instead I did the following:

1. I watched a Jamie Oliver cooking show and saw him making this couscous and steamed fish dish. He was doing it all in one frying pan, but, as I furiously copied down the ingredients, I realised that I could make it without having to layer damp newspaper on top of a frying pan. I had it for dinner tonight, and it was good. Fish is too expensive, though.

2. I also watched “What Not To Wear”. They demonstrated the importance of a good bra. Their victim thought she was a double-E cup, but it turned out she was an H (!). I recently heard that most women get a cup size that’s too small and a rib size that’s too big. That just give you droopy, flat boobies. As the WNTW lady proved, a good bra actually makes a hideously gigantic bosom look normal. H cup? Never would have guessed.

3. Ok, this didn’t particularly clash with the Idol taping, but I was remember to go earlier in the evening. I saw the Salford Lads Club, oh, I mean, the Salford Lads Club playing at Galatos. They are, as the name will suggest to the savvy, a Smiths tribute band, and they’re from Wellington. Normally I don’t think too highly of tribute bands because they usually consist of guys in bad wigs mimicking bands so that old people can attempt to relive their youths. But I was willing to give the SLC a go. Galatos was packed, and while there were a few sad old people there, there was a significant proportion of people who were younger than me. The band was cool. They didn’t try to be Smiths clones, though the Morrissey was blessed with an uncanny resemblance. Instead they just played a bunch of Smiths songs really well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. There were two Johnny Marrs, needed to flesh out the full live sound, and Johnny #1 was very hot (blue nailpolish, tattoos, grown-out punk haircut, bad skin, and eyeliner). It was a very fun evening.

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