If I drink the water at my parents’ house I throw up. There’s something in the air that makes me sneeze all the time. And as a special Easter treat, this year I got hives or similar from an as yet unknown allergy.

I saw Mamma Mia tonight for my mother’s birthday. Despite its surface naffness, it’s a very fun musical. There are a few moments where it seems like two people on stage reciting Abba lyrics, but most of the time the songs are worked into the plot (or is the plot worked into the songs?) so it flows. One cool thing is that the programme lists the songs, but only in alphabetical order, so part of the fun is guessing just how “I do, I do, I do, I do, I do” will be worked into the plot. Then at the end all the oldies get up off their seats and jig about.

Watching Mamma Mia made me wish I could dance. Like, properly dance. Do cool things in time to music without losing balance or looking like a dumb arse. This is obviously a sign that I should take dancing lessons, though in this case I think I will ignore my Irish heritage and eschew Riverdance-style stuff.

Very conveniently, Ryan was having birthday drinks in the bar right next to the Civic, so I went there and joined in the merriment. Actually, the merriment consisted of Ryan handing out his self-made anti-tract to the screaming preachers handing out their “You’re going to Hell!” pamphlets. Then he was doing a shot of tequila and licked the salt off his hairy forearm.

When I was driving home tonight I was stopped at some traffic lights when I happened a naked man at a window adjusting the window’s blinds. Oddly enough, the lights went green but none of the cars in the line went so I got to, er, perv at him for two cycles of traffic lights.

In other news, I now have a job. It’s only part time, but it’s still a job. I start on Wednesday and will end up working when NZ Idol is on. This is sucks, because it will mean I’m actually going to have to make the effort and figure out how to program my VCR. But on the bright side, the job fits my criteria of a) not directly involving the internet and/or a call centre, b) involving writing and c) being fun and interesting (I think).

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