I briefly – oh so briefly – appeared on an item on the late news tonight. They did a piece on the popularity of, and the massive NZ Idol online community. Rachel, who runs the site, invited me over to be there for the interview. It was mostly about her, but the reporter asked me a few questions.

Tragically none of those bits made it to the final cut, but there were a couple shots of me and Regan (the other Idolblog person) hovering over Rachel at her computer. Oddly, Regan was named but I wasn’t. Oh cool, my indie cred is still intact.

It was an interesting item anyway. They even mentioned the small legal hassles Idolblog has had with South Pacific Pictures, so while the network is screening NZ Idol, they aren’t playing by SPP’s rules.

I bought some trousers today. Every year or so I buy a pair of trousers like these and end up never wearing them ever again. The problem always is that I never have anything that goes with the trousers, and I think this may be happening this time too. Obviously the solution is to buy some clothes to go with the trousers. Or return the trousers.

Urgh, modern life is so difficult.

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