I’ve just done two days of training for my new job. It’s actually been really fun.

The company is pretty big, and it seems really well run. My last job was for a big corporation, so there are things like health insurance deals, gym membership rebates and 10% off at a local liquor outlet. There was even a mini packet of M&Ms in my welcome pack.

I’m very impressed with the staff cafeteria. It has a really good selection of food. Actually, I’m going to digress here and tell a story.

At my old-old job, there was just a kitchen and a vending machine. One day at a staff meeting the general manager got really excited and shared his plans for an amazing new cafeteria with us. He was going to build a proper kitchen and have chefs cooking up juicy steaks. Everyone got excited for about five minutes before we realised it was never going to happen, and it never did.

So far I’ve had two really good sandwiches. I think the prices are slightly subsidised so that it’s marginally cheaper than going to a cafe. And the really good news is that the cafeteria is open late so that I can get dinner from there.

The job itself is very cool. I’m currently obsessed with it and think about it when I’m not at work. It basically involves writing captions (a.k.a subtitles) for TV shows. It is almost a perfect job for me. Other people can not understand the appeal of sitting at a computer with headphones and writing down everything that everyone in a soap says, but for me it just feels right. Rockin’.

It’s excellent to have found a job where I don’t feel out of my depth or bored or tense. I knew taking typing in the fifth form would have a good use.

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