Whippit, Agnetha!

My three favourite Lemonheads albums.
1. It’s a shame about Ray.
2. Lovey.
3. Come on feel the Lemonheads.

My three least favourite NZ Idol contestants.
1. Filipo.
2. Ian from the top 60.
3. Emily from the top 24.

My three favourite carbonated beverages.
1. Vanilla Diet Coke.
2. Fanta.
3. Bundaberg ginger beer.

My three least favourite modes of transport.
1. Horse.
2. Taxi.
3. Getting a ride with a friend of a friend.

My three favourite movie theatres in Auckland.
1. Village St Lukes.
2. The Lido.
3. The Bridgeway.

My three least favourite mispronunciations.
1. lingerie as “lon-zher-ray”.
2. known as “no-win”.
3. performer as “preformer”.

My three favourite mispronunciations.
1. milk as “moowk”
2. ask as “arks”
3. New Zealand as “New Zullin”

My three least favourite business jargon terms.
1. Solutioning.
2. Provisioning.
3. Human resources.

My three favourite eating places in Raglan.
1. Vinnies.
2. Tongue and Groove.
3. Raglan Bakehouse.

My three least favourite things at the gym.
1. Dodging puddles and BMWs in the carpark.
2. Yelling out my warm up time to the instructor.
3. The shoulder machine.

My three favourite things at the gym.
1. The horrible mosaic by the pool.
2. Seeing 29:59 on the treadmill timer.
3. The flower arrangements along the hallway.

My three least favourite things to do with my car.
1. Renewing the registration.
2. Getting a warrant of fitness.
3. Refilling the windscreen water tank.

My three favourite things to do with my car.
1. Driving along the North-Western Motorway, along Upper Harbour Drive and back along the Northern Motorway.
2. Late night hooning.
3. Going through a carwash.

My three least favourite real spam subjects:
1. Your order N28-17823-324106 has shipped
2. Affordable Health Insurance Available Now
3. Free Yourself Of Kilograms At Once

My three favourite real spam subjects:
1. Dont let go the chance that can make u 20 years younger Agnetha
2. peach strong demitted swenson blackfeet
3. Y Stuck With Ur Current Job? Buy A Degree N Get Higher Salary whippet

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