Toast On Toast

The days I work have shifted so my two days off are now Tuesday and Wednesday. This means that I get to watch “The Apprentice” and “Extreme Makeover.” Sweet.

Today I realised that I am completely ambivalent towards the musical career of Ben Lummis. All post-television series NZ Idol activities offer no appeal. That single of his is syrupy bollocks, and – especially considering all the bloody excellent pop that’s come out in the last year or so – it’s disappointing that such a piece of crap was chosen as his first single. Excuse me while I slip into a coma.

Crikey! Mickey Havoc is letting off fireworks at the top of the volcano at the end of my street. I can see the explosions live on TV, and hear the house-shaking explosions live. That’s pretty cool for a Tuesday night.

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