A new total

So, that National Anthem thing – that was just a Telethon in disguise, wasn’t it? Well, yeah, except unlike the Telethons of olde, it didn’t have:

– John Hawkesby taking his shirt off for $50.
– Old ladies wearing comedy glasses and wigs as they present the proceeds from the Carterton Ladies Society’s cake stall.
– Frequent renditions of thank you very much for your kind donation, thank you very much, thank you, thank you very very much, etc.
– Henderson Panel Repairs pledging $50 and challenging all panel beaters in West Auckland to equal or better that.
– People maniacally waving at the camera, as if getting their face on TV will gain them entry to the magical world of being famous.
– Chubby lounge singers singing three-part harmonies along with a cheesy synthesise backing track.

Oh wait, the last one actually happened as part of National Anthem. Actually, make that the last two.

News reports say that it raised $147,626. That’s a good amount of cash for the Play It Strange trust, but compared to the massive effort it would have taken to stage the event (and surely that was not cheap), it does seem a little insignificant.

To be revisited in 15 years time when the fruits of the Play It Strange trust’s actions will be apparent.

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