Drop the zero

The drinks chiller in the cafeteria at work has revealed two new items in the world of diet soft drinks.

Lime Diet Coke
It’s a curious paradox. Lemon Diet Coke tasted like arse. It was the same kind of fake lemon flavour that is used in dishwashing liquid so adding that flavour to Diet Coke didn’t improve it. And I’ve never liked artificial lime flavour. I think lime might be my brother’s favourite flavour, but it’s always tasted really harsh and industrial. So with all this in mind, lime Diet Coke should taste awful. Except it doesn’t. It’s actually quite nice. It’s like regular Diet Coke, but with a fruity tang. I think it’s what they were trying to do with the lemon, but this time they got it right.

Sprite Zero
This just Diet Sprite. They’ve given it a silver cap and a new label, but it’s just plain old Diet Sprite. Quick googling of the Sprite Zero phenomenon suggests it’s been done to a) remove the negative connotation of the word diet, and b) getting on board with the “zero carbs” selling point that all the Atkinsers are looking out for. I’ve never completely enjoyed Diet Sprite. Diet Coke doesn’t just taste like regular Coke made with an artificial sweetener – it’s got character of its own. But Diet Sprite just tastes like a weak, ineffectual version of Sprite. Giving it a better name does not change this. Uh, drop the zero and and get with the hero?

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