Nobody like me

I’ve spotted posters around town looking for people who had a Cabbage Patch Kid back in the ’80s who have an interesting story to tell as part of a documentary about the aforementioned dolls.

This is my Cabbage Patch Kids story:

I was about 10 when the CPK phenomenon was at its peak. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. I didn’t actually like them and didn’t genuinely want one, but several of my friends and my cousin had one. They were all cool so I figured that if I had one I’d be cool too. I asked my mum if I could have one. “But Lisa’s got one! But Kate’s got one,” I complained. Mum told me that Cabbage Patch Kids were ugly and expensive and I wasn’t getting one.

Eventually they fell out of fashion and I suppose there I eventually stopped coveting them. The news of a Cabbage Patch Kid relaunch doesn’t excite me. Also of note that I was equally uninterested in the Garbage Pail Kids bubble gum cards, even though the cool kids were also into those.

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