Long? Longer.

Last year I was going to be in team Squeegee for the 48 Hour Film making competition, but instead I went to bloody Paris. This year the cafe au lait and pain au chocolat have been replaced with a cup of instant coffee and a bowl of cereal, but this year I’m back in the 09 and have the privilege of being part of Squeegee’s 2004 incarnation, Fractured Radius.

Work interferes with 20 of the 48 hours, and no doubt I’ll have to get a bit of sleep in there too, but so far I have been able to get a bit of quality time in with the FR crew.

I showed up at Fractured Radius HQ last night after work and quickly set about telling the writers what was crap with their plot ideas. They then told me to STFU plz and defended and explained all the good stuff, but we managed to get some bloody goods ideas worked out. I left at 1am, but didn’t get to sleep until about 4am because I was totally wired on ideas, man. Four hours sleep. Rockin’.

Side note: I got a taxi home and the taxi driver was so annoying that he made me wish for those automated taxi drivers, like in Total Recall. He spied the entry stamp on my wrist from the Shrugs CD release gig I went to on Thursday night (brilliant, as always) and assumed that I’d just been out “clubbing”. Later he asked me if I worked. I decided to ruin his illusion of be being a loved-up clubber and said, “yeah, I’ve just finished for the night.” He then apologised profusely for assuming that I’d been out on the town. Then he asked me if I had a husband and/or children. And then he drove past my flat, even though I was staying “It’s here. Stop. Stop. Stop here.” This is why I like getting the bus home.

Anyway, after work today I shall make myself available to the FR team for whatever they need me for. If my creative consultant duties aren’t required, I can always do the catering. Ah, ’twill be a long weekend.

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