Ice ice baby

Last night I went to the world premiere of “The Sceptre of McGuffin”, the comedic action-adventure masterpiece that Fractured Radius made for the 48 Hours film competition.

It’s bloody hilarious. The script, by James, Ryan and Heloise was so full of jokes that some of them were missed because the audience was laughing so much. My joke about the anti-supermodel weapon got a big laugh, which was very cool (and I got a credit as “Script Consultant”, so, uh, that’s going on my CV). Andy was perfect as the evil genius, and people were laughing at his character’s superb facial expressions.

The selection of films shown in that session were good. There was varying quality. The best other two were “Cool-a-rama”, a Bollywood musical which showed off Dominic Bowden’s comedic actoring skills, and “Txt Adkt” a mockumentary.

There were a few others that had really good ideas behind the films but were let down by the technical side of things. And there was notably one other film where the technical skill and many celebrity cameos didn’t make up for the fact that the story was really dull and uninvolving.

Then there was the army one that was just shit all the way through, but managed to be such a magnificent piece of shit that it probably deserves a special jury Merde d’Or prize or something.

If “McGuffin” doesn’t make it to the finals there will be no justice in the world. But if it does, and you’re in the 09, you should go to the final, this Sunday at the Civic theatre.

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