Sheet my bolls

I just got back from the 48 Hours film competition final.

Tragically, “The Sceptre of MacGuffin” didn’t win, but it did get mighty big laughs from the audience. I think it was probably the one film that got the most laughs. My supermodel joke also got a big laugh, but again Andy stole the show with his eyebrow acting and his expert delivery of the choice dialogue.

The winner was “Jessie McCloud: The Journey,” made by a team from the Classic comedy bar. It was about a couple of burglars who find an video made by the leader of a suicide cult. It was announced that director Radar will use his prize of a return flight to Los Angeles to show some film he made at some peace festival. Notice how I used the word ‘some’ twice in that last sentence.

My non-MacGuffin favourite, “Cool-a-rama” came third. Interestingly enough, it didn’t get as many laughs in the big Civic theatre as it did with the much smaller audience in the Capitol.

It’s a cliche, but there really is no shortage of talent in this city. The next time anyone complains about there being no good local stuff on TV or at the movies, well, now we know where to look for the talent capable of making greatness.

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