The big question is, what the dilly-o did I do with that $20 I found on the street?

I took it to a bank and had it split into four $5 notes, and this is what happened to each one.

  1. I bought a Lotto ticket. I got a $5 lucky dip, and it occurred to me that Lotto tickets cost exactly the same as they did back when Lotto started in 1988. I didn’t win anything, so therefore I do not get my velvet Elvis paintings framed or buy a giant leather couch. I take comfort that the Lotteries Commission helps fund the Arts Council. 
  2. I banked it. It’s sitting in my savings account not earning any interest because I haven’t got up to the minimum interest-earning balance yet. I’m not sure what I’m saving for. Perhaps some international travel. Yes, it’s been, what, eight months since I last got out of the +64.
  3. I gave it to a dodgy old man. The “NO JOB NO BENEFIT” guy seems to have disappeared, so I was on the look out for another such person. Walking to the bus stop after work one evening, I passed a fellow sitting by the side of the road. “Do you have any spare change for a hot meal,” he asked in that raspy old homeless guy voice. I gave him the $5. I get that there’s a fairly high chance that the hot meal in question will end up being more fiery than hot, but if he wants to spend it on booze, that’s ok bye me. But, y’know, even drunks have to eat.
  4. My vague intention with the final $5 was to spend it on myself, but I couldn’t think of anything special or new that I could buy. The $5 just hung out in my wallet a few days until I found myself at the Chinese laundry short by $1.50 to pay for my washing. I didn’t quite want to, but I ended up using the final $5 to cover the washing cost.

Nothing Zen-like happened along the way, but I have spent the last few days with a horrible cold.

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