Scratch n sniff

I’m giving my bathroom a mini extreme makeover. Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that I am cleaning it, but given the prior state of it, I need to jazz things up a bit to make the exercise tolerable.

After the bathroom ceiling leaked a few months ago, all this mould started growing on the ceiling. Yuck. So I bought some Exit Mould and got to work with its pump action power. Now, I knew from previous experience that wearing old clothes and sticking my hair under a shower cap would be a jolly good idea. But I didn’t know that wearing a face mask would also have been a good idea.

Most of the Exit Mould went on the walls and ceiling. Some of blopped on my old clothes, bleaching rusty orange marks on my navy blue t-shirt. I felt one droplet hit my plastic-protected head, making me glad that I wasn’t going to end up with a blonde dot on my hair. But I didn’t count on how much of it I’d end up inhaling.

I can’t smell properly. When I breathe in I can’t smell normal room smells. It’s only if I smell something up close (such as my chlorine-scented hands, or my bottle of L’eau d’Issey) then I can still detect a definite aroma.

I’m hoping that my sense of smell will return by tomorrow just in time for me to attempt part two of my bathroom mini extreme makeover, which will involve enamel paint.

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