Saga update

Hey, who wants an update on the Paul Ellis saga? Ok!

I hadn’t heard from the Herald, so I sent them another email asking what was going on. I received a response which in part noted that:

I understand your concern about Paul Ellis’s comments, but your argument is with him, not with us. The newspaper’s job is to report accurately what is said, which we have done. We do not judge the content of the statements.

Hmmm, I get what they’re saying, but I have this hazy memory from a 1995 Media Law and Ethics paper about defamation and the media having to take some responsibility for what they publish.

The Herald suggested that I write a letter to the editor, so I’ve sent this:

In the 6 September article “Red face at idol’s song blue”, Paul Ellis is quoted as describing me as “a person who commits fraud everyday by downloading songs [off the internet]” and claimed that “[t]his guy Robyn obviously went to Kazaa or LimeWire purposely to download the song.”

This is completely untrue. I do not commit fraud, I do not download illegal music from the internet and do not use Kazaa, LimeWire or any similar software.

I downloaded a free and legal copy of Vallejo’s version of “So damn beautiful” from Vallejo’s own web site, which I found through a quick search using the Google search engine.

I have no idea why Paul Ellis appears to have completely fabricated this fiction about me, but would appreciate if the truth behind his bizarre comments could be revealed.

Ya, it’s pretty dry, but I’m getting a bit tired of writing the old “Paul Ellis done me wrong” story. The Herald has 200-word limit, so I wanted to get the facts down as simply as possible.

If you want more on this drama, Idolblog has neatly summed up the situation so far. Also worth reading is Damian Christie’s blog entry which is funny and smart and puts a new perspective on things.

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