The diagonal

I received this document from the city council today informing me that my flat has been classified as a “character-supporting building” of Mt Eden Village.

Initially this seemed quiet exciting, but after reading the document I’ve learned that all it basically means is that if I want to get Sky installed, I’d have to get permission for the dish to be installed on the roof.

It’s a strange document. It details the changes to the district plan that effect Mt Eden, then after every section it gives a brief summary in plainer language. However, I’m still trying to figure out exactly what this bit means:

The Residential 7 bulk in relation to boundary controls typically produce of “throat lozenge-like” or “tower-like” shape plan or a building angles diagonally to the street, hence, weakening the street edge.

Curiously enough, my (non-Formula-44-shaped) building is on a diagonal angle to the street and, therefore, does most diabolically weaken the street edge and also provides a nice little triangle-shaped shrubby garden for drunken youf to throw their empty Woodstock bourbon and cola or cranberry Vodka Cruiser bottles. I don’t see that being protected in the district plan.

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