Italian for hard work

ITEM: Today at work I found myself rushing from one place to another with a video tape in my hand. I felt like Holly Hunter at the beginning of “Broadcast News”, though in this case it wasn’t a last-minute story for a live news broadcast, but a consumer piece about being wary of pay-cheque loans. Rushing about with a video tape feels way more exciting than a piece of paper.

ITEM: The Herald published a statement about Paul Ellis’ quote about me in the article. I’d like to link to it, but the Herald don’t seem to put that sort of thing on their website. The original story remains online with the contentious quote intact.

ITEM: Pop is the new punk, or so Lucifer Sam over at has inadvertently revealed: “Pop [is] pure evil that is demoralising our values and corrupting our children as well as requiring extremely little (if any at all) talent to produce.”

ITEM: Yesterday I noticed that someone had spray-painted SMEAR on some John Banks mayoral campaign signs. What? Surely this is the result of a pro-Banks supporter attempting to stir up a little controversy and making it look like Banks is hated. I mean, surely a true anti-Bankser would be able to come up with something more meaningful than SMEAR. This morning, however, the footpath was covered in two places by signs that had been pulled out and pushed over. The only ones left standing were those of Christine Fletcher for mayor, some City Vision council candidates, and Di Nash for the health board. It didn’t even start to make Christine Fletcher seem appealing. Dick Hubbard has the right idea with his muesli box campaign.

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