Frequently Arksed Questions

I got some fish ‘n’ chips and almost squirted my tomato sauce on top of a small news item called “Ellis apologises for comment”. It said that Paul Ellis was sorry for the distress he caused you. OMG! WTF?!

Yeah, he finally apologised. Cool, huh?

What distress did he cause?

I got this rash. Wanna see pics?

No. What else?

This 14-year-old girl on Idol Blog got mad at me, which left me feeling deeply saddened.

What else?

Nothing else really. The whole “So Damn Controversial” debacle was a little stressful, but mostly surreal, but not without its moments of excitement, action and adventure.

So, does this mean you’re famous now? Are you gonna be on a reality TV show?

Yeah, I’m going to be fronting a new show called “Rumours On The Internets”.

Oh chroo, ow?

Nah, but wouldn’t that be cool if it was?

Oh, you tricked me. You’re not getting any of my chips!

Ok, that’s enough. Back to work.

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