It’s nineteen-ninety-something all over again

The dairy down the road had a TV on and there was something about New Zealand Fashion Week on it. Some runway action was being shown with a couple of ladies giving some commentary that sounded oddly like sports commentary.

I wasn’t really paying attention to it, but then suddenly one sentence jumped out at me:

“The black and white, which is representative of the whole Dunedin, grunge, university sort of thing.”

I didn’t see the garment or garments this described, but it strikes fear deep in my heart. I don’t want to go to Glassons in six months’ time and see a bunch of clothes inspired by starving Otago students. I don’t want big, ugly but designer polarfleece tunics or ill-fitting jeans. I don’t want my only scarf options in the winter of 2005 to be yellow and blue ones.

Fashion is tricky.

Today I also saw a definitive sign that Ugg boots are sooo over. Waddling in front of me as I walked down Queen Street was a young lady with a large arse, a shapeless sweatshirt, an equally shapeless denim skirt and a pair of dirty pink imitation Ugg boots. Not as in the colour “dirty pink”, but as in boots that were pink but got dirty. They looked awful. They looked they they should have been binned long ago.

But back to Fashion Week. It’s really is just a boring old trade show, but one where virtually everyone involved is really good looking, so it just seems that much more interesting. But in reality it’s looking at next season’s products, then boozing up at night, not unlike the Fieldays, only with slightly better looking cows.

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