Our bairns

I accidentally won a ticket to tomorrow’ night’s Netguide awards.

The Netguide awards are funny. They’re sponsored by the very same companies whose websites usually end up winning the awards. And when people do win the awards, well, they put out a press release but award certificates don’t tend to take pride of place on a wall of fame, but rather end up gathering dust, stacked on top of a filing cabinet (true story!).

But it seems like the actual event, the actual awards ceremony itself, might be a bit of fun, Well, it’s hosted by Jaquie Brown and she’s funny and cool, so at least that might work out. I’m hoping there’ll be some sort of goodie bag situation going on, but given that most of the sponsors are websites and ISP, I’m guess that there might not be much decent stuff to be given away.

Also, I never really liked Anthony much on “Australian Idol”, but I just saw him sing “On the line” and I was like “OMG! WTF! Unf!” and now I don’t care if he wins, as long as he doesn’t turn into a Celine Dion man.

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