But he wasn’t old

Peace 2 my dead homie Ol’ Dirty Bastard. He be up in heaven now with his peeps Tupac, Aaliyah, Jam Master Jay, Lisa Left-Eye, Notorious B.I.G and Karen Carpenter.

I’m kind of annoyed I crashed my car now. I did it a few weeks ago. It didn’t involve anything cool like bring drunk or high at the time, just a bit of the old two-second rule not being followed by me. So my car was rooted and I got an insurance pay-out instead and sold the remains of my automobile to the panel beater.

Curiously enough, I seem to be using public transport a lot less than I did when I had a car. I walk almost everywhere now. I can easily do a hearty 4km or so in any direction I desire without feeling like I’m going on a big ol’ walk. St Lukes, Newmarket, the city – easy as.

I thought going to the supermarket would be difficult, but I can stop off at the Foodtang on Quay Street after work then catch a bus home, or utilise my local shops (hey, I have local shops!).

Of course, not having a car means I can’t go for a good old fashioned hoon, and I do miss that. I like recreational driving and exploring all the suburbs of Auckland and the little towns and places north and south of the city.

And if I still had my car, not only would I be able to go hooning, but I’d be able to pay tribute to the ODB. I have this dream airbrush paint job for the bonnet of my old Daihatsu Charade, with ODB’s gold teef glinting in the sunshine as I drove out to Helenville.


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