Tonight, in or around 9.30, 9.45-ish:

TV1: The final of the fourth series of “Six Feet Under”.
TV2: The first of the new season of “Eating Media Lunch”.
TV3: The final episode of “Sex and the City”.
Prime: Another good episode of “Little Britain”.

That kind of programming is cruel, cruel, cruel.

I only have one VCR.


I managed it like this.

I’d already seen “Sex and that City” at work, so I was lucky with that.
I taped “Little Britain”.
I watched the first 15 minutes of “Eating Media Lunch”, and then flipped between that and “Six Feet Under” for the next 15 minutes, and when “Eating Media Lunch” finished, I went back to “Six Feet Under.”

I don’t like it when watching television requires military-like advance planning.

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