Justine and the bountiful feast of the gods of light entertainment

As soon as it was discovered that the nation’s hottest youth television presenters and the nation’s hottest young soap stars were rehearsing their formation dancing in the caff, Justine suddenly realised that she needed a cup of tea.

Quickly sculling back the Diet Coke that remained in her cup, she made her way down to the caff and made a cup of tea. She took extra care to rinse out her cup, put a teabag in, put in some hot water, squeeze the teabag, take the teabag out, open the fridge, pour in some milk, stir the tea, and put the milk back in the fridge.

While she was doing this, she just happened to notice the aforementioned hot young talent as they rehearsed. Justine noted that if they were to go back in time to 1990 and audition for Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” dance troupe, they sadly would not end up jetting around the world, stomping along to “Miss You Much”.

Justine noticed that a few of the hot young talentos were hanging around a table laden with food. That girl, the one with the phone sex voice, the one who doesn’t look at as fat as she does on that TV show, was heard to comment that the chicken wings were excellent and everyone just had to try them.

Several hours and a couple of more cups of tea later, one of Justine’s co-workers excitedly announced that the dancers were leaving and would soon be doing it for the kids on the high street. This meant, she explained, that they could go to the caff and help themselves to the leftovers from the hot young talent’s lunch table.

Upon examination, Justine discovered the table was almost still full of food. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, mince savouries, sushi, fruit, fruity drinks and a huge plate of pastries did abound. The only food that was all gone was the plate of chicken wings. Justine wondered if, being hot young talent, they had all been doing Atkins or perhaps just not eating. Or maybe they just were really excellent chicken wings.

Justine loaded up a couple of paper plates with the carbolicious delights, thanked the gods of light entertainment, and returned to her desk.

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