Sweet Baby Jesus, the K Road Karnival was depressing.

Because it’s a major city road and link between motorways, K Road can never be totally blocked off, so instead it was just reduced to one lane in each direction, meaning that getting across the road was still the headache it always is.

Various shops were in market-day mode, with tables outside selling discounted crap that no one would normally buy.

In the two lanes of blocked-off road there were various stalls selling stuff, but it was nothing particularly special, just the usual stall holders that sell their wares at places like the Aotea Markets and the recent Grey Lynn Park Festival. There was no shortage of t-shirts with tree silhouettes screen printed on them.

Entertainment was provided along the road by a couple of DJs, a Christian rock band, and some samba drummers. Atmosphere was provided by the dreary, cold, rainy, grey summer’s day.

The rain really ruined things. Most people stayed under the verandas, meaning that all the stalls on the road were only visited by a handful of those passing by.

It was very un-karnival-like. Maybe things got a little livelier later in the day with the parade and all, but when I was there it was so dreary and unpleasant I felt like crying.

In the end I wandered down Myers Park to the Aotea Markets. There was still the same horrid weather, but somehow amid all the rain and greyness it felt much livelier. A nice cup of coffee cheered me up and I ended up buying a cool art print block and enjoyed my wander around the dripping tents.

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