Please Donate

The latest news reports say that over 60,000 people are now dead. How incomprehensibly awful.

I’ve just made $50 donation to an aid agency helping out with the crisis. I’m tempted to channel the spirit of ye olde Telethons and challenge you to equal or better that, but things are so awful that every little amount helps.

Stuff to remember:
1. The New Zealand government is matching dollar-for-dollar money raised by New Zealand aid agencies up to $2 million, so a $50 donation becomes $100.
2. If you make a donation of $5 or more and get a receipt, you can claim back a third with your next tax return.

Here are three good charities to get you started. More can be found by googling.

Red Cross
0800 RED CROSS or 0900 31 100 to make a $20 donation

0800 400 666

0800 800 777

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