This is not a love song

I was walking along Customs Street today. Just up head was a tacky souvenir shop with a stand out the front displaying some CDs of traditional Maori songs. As I was passing it, a Maori guy walking just a few steps ahead suddenly stopped, picked up one of the CDs from the rack, threw it onto the footpath and stomped on it, cracking the case. He then walked on, leaving the case lying there.

I went into the shop to tell them what had happened. The girl at the till didn’t seem to know enough English to understand what I was saying. Then a man came over and I explained to him. He also seemed a little puzzled, but eventually latched on. I showed him the CD and he seemed to get what had happened.

I don’t know what the motivation of the CD stomper was, but I’m guessing that it was his offence that the musical art of his people had been turned into a piece of tourist tat.

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